EA Scaffolding & Systems Limited offer a complete range of access, protection, support and technical services to the construction, building maintenance, exhibition and events industries:

  • specialist scaffolding
  • systems access
  • systems roofs
  • tube and fittings
  • emergency projects
  • containment
  • stair towers
  • cladding systems

EA Limited has a uniquely wide range of products within its stock, allowing the most effective choice for each job. Large stocks of traditional tubes and fittings are complemented by substantial investment in system technology:

  • Allround modular systems with steel decks
  • OKTOLOK modular systems with timber boards
  • Aluminium beam systems
  • Rigid cladding systems

Access Scaffolding Tube and fitting (alloy, steel and GRP) or OKTOLOK system scaffolding, all with a choice of timber, plastic or steel decking, proprietary bridging beams and high capacity props. EA's vast stock holding together with management and engineering expertise enable us to react quickly and surpass any demands of even the most challenging of projects.
Events & Exhibitions Viewing galleries, display stands, ramps and stairways. EA's years of experience and attention to detail ensure eye catching, functional and cost effective solutions are delivered every time.
Weather Protection EA use only class leading temporary roofing and cladding systems to deliver exceptional weather protection to all aspects of on site operations. EA temporary roof solutions provide massive span capability, unrivalled safety, quick installation and maximum light levels.
The NASC has issued revised guidance on Collective Fall Prevention Systems in Scaffolding in its publication SG4:10. Find out more about this guidance and how EA Scaffolding and Systems Limited ensure compliance.

Project Focus
Evelina Childrens Hospital, mobile roofing, specialist access , complex structural and logistical challenges, find out how EA tackled this difficult project. More..

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