System Scaffolding

OKTOLOK scaffolding system is a universal and versatile modular scaffold. Suitable for all scaffold types including independents, facade, birdcage, hanging, as well as grandstand seating sub-structures, stairtowers, temporary roofing supports, shoring and falsework.

The OKTOLOK system can be adapted to both rectangular and non-rectangular ground plans, including curves, inclines and circles. Horizontal members of the OKTOLOK system are available in increments of 0.50m ranging from 0.50m to 2.57m. A range of telescopic members are also available to achieve infinite variations and application. Each rosette allows up to eight connections, both horizontally and diagonally. All horizontals and diagonals have special rigid connecting heads at their ends with built-in wedges. This allows quick, safe and easy connection to the vertical standards. The result is a connection with significant nodal rigidity. All steel parts of the OKTOLOK system scaffold are hot-dip galvanized. This means as little time as possible is spent on maintenance and repair.


Key safety features:



Tube and fittings

EA erect tube and fitting scaffolds using steel, aluminium or GRP tubing project and location dependant. A majority of our work is undertaken using steel S275 48.3x48.3x4.0 CHS combined with BS2482 timber scaffold boards to form the working platforms. All EA stock is procured to ensure compliance with prevailing standards and consistant quailty.

Stair solutions

Ladder Replacement Stair provides the complete solution to building stairway access within traditional and system scaffold structures. A range of self-contained, pre-assembled aluminium stair units, flat packed, which automatically adjust to a wide range of lift heights, making them ideal for use in tube and fitting scaffolds. Ladder Replacement Stair also has applications away from scaffolding, wherever a simply deployed stair, which requires no skilled labour to erect, is required. Special hooks for use in formwork are available and Ladder Replacement Stair will also find use by roofers and allied trades. Ladder Replacement Stair is a simple self-contained product which is easy to store packed flat and can be collected or delivered on small vehicles including vans for the smaller models. Product selection is easy, depending only on the range of lift heights required, and users have the assurance that all models, in all possible positions, are fully-compliant with regulations. Non-scaffolding users will find Ladder Replacement Stair easy to use, since there are no special skills involved in producing a first-class result. Ladder Replacement Stair is available in one tread width of 540mm.


Beams and bridging

Specialist Series aluminium beams offer massive load bearing capacities enabling large spans and temporary roofs to be constructed using the minimum of materials. Additionally the consistent node spacing means that continuous tube transoms or roof components can be installed without having to stagger or 'break' the alignment.


Options Beams available in 45cm or 78cm depths and in a range of lengths. Stock lengths of 2,3,4,5,6 and 8m are available along with a range of ridge beams for creation of temporary roofs. Special size beams available on request.

Technical Data

45cm Deep
Weight = 4.5kg/m
78cm Deep


Specialist series beams are suitable for use within any traditional or system scaffold structure, typical applications incude:

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